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Whilst a young adult is in sixth form studying for very important exams, an equally significant skill is also being learned.

Attaining a driving license is a major event in a young adult’s life which brings excitement, empowerment and a new found level of freedom and independence. An enormous level of responsibility is also undertaken every time a new driver gets behind the wheel.

It is a well known fact that young drivers are at a high risk on our roads, with one in five new drivers having an accident within 6 months of passing their driving test. 

New drivers are on probation for two years meaning they are completely disqualified from driving and will have to retake their test if they get 6 or more penalty points. This highlights the importance for new drivers to behave as prudently and safely as possible.

There are huge consequences for new drivers to themselves, their passengers and other road users and members of the public. New drivers are typically more susceptible to the temptations of drink driving, drugs, mobile phones, late night driving and distractions such as loud music and off-putting passengers. 

SpeedSmart will teach new drivers how to be a better driver in a concise 2 hour course. The course will be interactive with group discussions to delve into the psychology behind certain types of driving behaviour. For example why do people speed (racing, late for work, peer pressure etc) and how to combat this.

We are supported by Roadpeace, the national charity for road crash victims. SpeedSmart are supporters of Brake, the largest road safety charity. It is also a ROSPA accredited course.

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